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Monday, 23 April 2012

One Man's Junk....

We all know the another man's (or woman's
in this case - TREASURE....)

Just outside of beautiful Keremeos, BC in the Southern
Interior of the province is a lonely little junk/antique
shop - kind of in the middle of no-where.

On a whim we stopped - and what a fun place!  This
post is a little photo-laden but there was just so
much stuff.....there's still more photo's but I thought
I would spare you......

 Look - there's "Ogopogo" the legendary lake monster
who supposedly resides in Okanagan Lake.  There was so
much stuff - I didn't even notice it until I was posting
the pics now! 
 Spot any treasures you would have bought?

 Do you like to find little out of the way places like
this?  Do you stop and check them out?

Ironically the one thing I did buy - I do not yet have a
picture of.  I got a cute little doll bed that I think will
make a spectacular little dog bed for some lucky
pooch.  I will post some pics of the before and
after as soon as I get the million other projects I have lined
up out of the way!

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