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Sunday, 13 November 2011

"It's Complicated"....

How many times have you said that
to someone when you just couldn't explain?

Mr. Biff and I are selling off a whole bunch
of stuff because we just received the last shipment
of our goods from Toronto.  The complicated part
is we moved from Toronto three years ago!  Our
stuff has been in storage and slowly, being the
COCs (collectors of crap) that we are - we have
replaced almost everything. 
Translation:  BIG HUGE

When people have come to see something
the want to purchase from one of our ads
 - I get the gotta lotta
stuff look or comment.

Yup, trust me, it's complicated but....getting
less so and the vacation fund is getting bigger!


Gotta love it!


simply brookes: said...

i love downsizing and ridding myself of things no longer needed, used or just ready to get rid of. good luck and make way for new and improved stuff.
thanks for posting. happy almost thanksgiving.

Jennifer @ Just Peachy in Dixie said...

I have so much that I need to let go of! It is really hard to do that with some things.

Thanks for linking up at the Thrifty Peach Blog hop!