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Monday, 28 November 2011

Maintain Your Sense of Humour.......

It would have been even better if it had been a warm summer
evening here on Vancouver Island but it was a cold clear winterish
night when it happened......

Yup, I was out in the shed, in the backyard with my
faithful pooch Marcie by my side searching (in vain)
for a vacuum cleaner that seems to be missing in the
piles of boxes in the house......

Yup, in the dark.....when we heard it....the hissing sound
of obviously confused underground sprinklers coming on!
And, we were trapped!!  Why on earth they decided to come
on full blast...who knows?  But I do know one thing - tomorrow
morning the main shut-off valve will, well...shut off!

In the meantime, my sweet Marcie could not figure out
how to skirt the edge of the sprinkler so she ran
straight through and got soaked!  I danced around
the edge and only got one side of me soaked! 

Brrrrrrr......and still didn't find the vacuum!

Hope you had a warmer, drier evening than me!

Hugs & Blessings,


Shabby chic Sandy said...

That is so funny--probably didn't seem funny to you at the time! Seems like something that would happen to me. Hopefully you didn't get too cold. Love the photo of your dog in the water. Thanks for sharing--it made me laugh:)

Sherry said...

Hi Peggy, even if you didn't get your vacuum these are really nice photos. (smile) Sounds like you have a good excuse for not cleaning the floors...

Cindy said...

Oh no! I know it wasn't funny at the time...but couldn't help laughing! The photos are really neat, though!
Hugs, Cindy