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Sunday, 23 September 2012

A Little Sewing Caddy.....

At our Vintage Craft Sale - we sold a lovely caddy that Mr. Biff
actually "did up".  He filled the caddy with 12 quart jars and made
scrapbook paper lid covers.  He then stencilled the sides of the
caddy and put the number "12" for the twelve jars.....clever fellow.

It sold before we even had our table set up!
Photo courtesy of Lava Lounge Photography, Parksville
Didn't it turn out great?  Imagine all that storage in one
handy pretty place (or is that a pretty handy place?)
I thought I would try making a smaller version and dedicate this
one to sewing.  Here's the "before":
I added 3 smaller jars and made
 a pincushion top on one of them. 
I filled one jar with a mini-sewing kit and added
a hook to hang some "blingy" scissors. 
A little paint, a little ribbon, a cute little frame from
Michaels with a quote and voila.....a sewing caddy. 
 I hope someone likes it as much as I do.  We'll be
taking it with us this weekend to the Orange Bridge Market
in Parksville. 
This Saturday happens also to be a big event in our house.
Mr. Biff is celebrating a big birthday and let's just say it's
not 30, 40 or's a hint....
And I didn't say a word - did I?  Let's see if he reads
today's post!
Have a great week,

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