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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Wednesday's Words.....

So I decided last Weds to skip the "wisdom" part of the post's really
too much pressure.....(hee,hee) to have to be wise once a week!  Instead I
would just rather share the words that are on my mind.....whatever they be.
So here goes today's "words".....
"Once you have seen or heard something - you
CANNOT un-see it or un-hear it". 
I use this advice frequently at work and often repeat it to myself when
someone says "hey you wanna know what so&so did?"  Quickly enact
the I can't un-see or un-hear it rule and a pleasant "no thanks" rolls off
your tongue.  It took me a lifetime (literally) to figure this little tidbit
out - I mean that it really works.  I seldom succumb to gossip nor
do I subject myself to the gory or overly sad parts of movies.  This isn't
denial - it's simply choice.  You can totally live without knowing
some stuff - in fact, I'd wager you'll be better off by not knowing.
And yes, maybe my little quote is a knock-off of this:
But, like every other blogger worth her salt - I am also a
professional at "knock-offs"!  (Can you tell I am on vacation and
just a tad loopy?)
So do you think my butt makes these pants look fat? 
(See don't ask - you can't un-hear it.....and yes,
I intentionally said that backwards - that's how I roll)
Word out,
(does anyone say "word out" anymore?)

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