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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wednesday's Words.....

Friends who know me well and certainly Mr. Biff will attest to the
fact that not only do I sing (a lot!) but that I retain a huge volume of
song lyrics in my little brain (I would kick some serious butt on "Don't
Forget the Lyrics").
Although I can often recite even the most mundane songs verbatim I
am attracted to those lyrics specifically that tell a story or share some
philosophy that aligns with my values and beliefs.
A song can bring a sorrowful or a joyful tear to my eye and sometimes
both.  I am most likely to remember an occasion by the song that was
either playing at that time or the song that was big on the radio in that
time period.  Some songs can take me instantly to a moment in time -
a great example (and kind of funny) is the song by Harry Nilsson -
"I Can't Live" (if living is without you).  It represents the first time I
had a serious crush on a boy and spent many a Friday night at the skating
rink hoping said boy would ask me to skate the "couples" skate to it.  Bet
you want to know if he ever did, hmmm.....maybe it's better if I let you wonder!
Anyway, point of this long rambling story - here's a piece of a song that
moves me every time I hear it because it embodies how I hope to see
each a fresh opportunity.
"Seize the day, seize whatever you can
'Cause time slips away just like hourglass sand.
Seize the day, pray, for grace from God's hand
And nothing will stand in your way,
Seize the day!" ~Carolyn Arends

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