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Friday, 20 July 2012

Trundle Beds and Mad Cows

Mr. Biff and I always have a good time - even when, believe it or not,
I am being a little crabby (menopause is not for wimps!)  Anyway, yesterday
we got this great little day bed with a trundle bed (bonus!) on Craigslist
for my craft room.  Mr. Biff was great - he helped the guy we
bought it from take it all apart and stuff it piece by piece into
our smallish truck.  It all fit with some finessing.

When we got it home last night we discovered we'd left behind the bolts and
the knobs for the top of the bed.  It wouldn't have been so bad if it hadn't been
20+ kilometres (about 10 miles) away! 

For whatever reason (do I really need
one other than being menopausal?) I was cranky tonight when Mr. Biff picked
me up from work.  We headed out to pick up the missing pieces.

We had planned on stopping for a quick dinner somewhere on the way home.
To reward Mr. Biff's fabulous tolerance of my less than stellar behaviour I caved
and we went to Rotten Ronnies McDonald's.  Here's how the drive thru
conversation went:

He:  What are you going to have?
Me:  Yuck, I don't know
He:  I'm having the Angus burger
Me:  I don't like anything here!  Just get me a big mac
- did you know it's been 30 years (seriously!)since I've eaten a big mac??
He:  well there's probably a reason for that
(we ordered and are now driving up to the pick up window)
He:  I always order an Angus burger - no risk of mad cow disease
Me:  What?  Mad cow disease?
He:  Yeah, I think you can get it from eating burgers ....
Me:  What?  Then more calmly:  I guess it doesn't matter
since I clearly am already infected.....
He:  laughing his head off
Me:  are you calling me a mad cow?
He:  I didn't say a word.......

Good thing we love each other!  Now tomorrow - I am going to put
the bed parts together and get started on my craft room (formerly guest
room makeover!)

1 comment:

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

I don't know anything about mad cow, but I CAN say that menopause is a real *itch! :)