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Sunday, 8 July 2012

A Hairy Fail or a Fairy Tale?

It might be said that "a hair on the head is worth
two in the brush".....and I would agree.  I am glad to
have my hair and very aware that there are those who
long for hair (long or short!).

My stupidist "hair" moment by far was when I said to
my sister who was then going through chemo treatments
"I just can't do a darn thing with my hair - I hate it".  To which
she good-humouredly took off her baseball cap, rubbed her
scalp and said "yeah, I know just what you mean".  Good
thing she loved me the way she did - we laughed and laughed.

She passed away 14 years ago - and since that time I have always
really tried to be more self-aware - to reflect on what I am saying
and what I am complaining about and who it might impact. So this
is NOT a complaint (haha) just an observation about how things
don't always go the way we think they should.

I coloured my hair this morning and let me tell you - my hair
ALWAYS come out the same colour (medium brown).
Here's what I used:
I was relatively sure that things would go the way they always
go and I would get what I had always got...
 there have never been any surprises no matter what shade I pick -

My medium brown hair now looks like this:

I don't hate it - in fact I LOVE red hair -but suffice it to say 
it was not what I was going for!  I am sure, in a day
or two, it will grow on me (pun intended!).

Have you ever had a hair fail - a happy one or a gigantic
fail?  Tell us about it!

Happy Sunday!
p.s. clearly Miss Clairol didn't sponsor this post - if they
had - they probably would have been puzzled with my
outcome too!  I'd be happy to try other colours tho if they wanted
to send me some to try!

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Love your pups!!! I color my hair and it always turn out much darker than the color on the box! Hubby keeps telling me to go natural...not yet!Thanks for the visit.

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